Frithsden, Nr. Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP1 3DD
01442 86 44 80
the alford arms

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pudding wines at The Alford Arms Berkhamsted's Number 1 pub

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Beer is the backbone of any pub. And we run at least three real ales at all times including brews from the award-winning Chiltern Brewery and Tring Brewer, both just down the road.

Just like our food, we like to keep our wines close. That means a European selection that cuts down the wine miles and covers all the bases. Old World wines have everything we need and plenty to offer, often at great value. Our list is a little bit like our pubs – off the beaten track - but if you have a sense of adventure and you love great wine, ask for a taster and enjoy the journey.

We’re no cocktail lounge (well, not really) but we’ll make you the Bloodiest Mary or the quintessential G&T (with loads of gins to choose from) – or any of the classic combinations you’d expect from a top-notch bar. General Manager Darren, our resident bourbon man, has a thing for this versatile spirit, so you’ll find some of the more exotic brands lining the shelves.

And if your persuasion is of the non-alcoholic variety – we’re really very good at that too.